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Keeping Music Alive for Future Generations

Taking his passion beyond the boundaries of the recording studio, Barker has also made his mark in education for more than 35 years. After embracing the legacy left behind by musicians before him, he understands the life-defining impact that every note carries forward in time. As he works with students, he aims to inspire the same enduring love of the craft that created his unique career — and to keep percussive beats like his own flowing well into the future.
Even after 50 years of creating new music, the famous drummer still finds surprising new ways to innovate his art. By teaching children about tradition and still keeping an open mind that falls in love with each new iteration of form, he hopes to preserve percussion’s rich history and continue to play a role in defining how it moves forward. You can learn more about his work by contacting Thurman Barker & Uptee Productions today.

Read What Others Have to Say

"What a treat! Not only are drummer Rasheed Bakr and bassist Lisle Ellis in pianist Cecil Taylor's group which opened Tuesday at Yoshi's - also on stage, front and center, is the remarkable, brilliant and empathetic percussionist and marimba player Thurman Barker. And although Taylor even as a soloist can be, and usually is, among the most inventive, fascinating and frustrating keyboardists of our time, his whole musical universe seems to expand with the addition of Barker, who has played with him sporadically for a number of years. The addition of the mellow-toned marimba, especially when Barker uses two mallets in each hand, creates another "keyboard" in the group - a sound, a timbre that can (and does, in Barker's hands) weave in and out of Taylor's astonishing piano lines. The mixing of rhythms, of counter-melodies, of harmonic patterns between Taylor and Barker is provocative, exciting and often surprising." — The San Francisco Examiner